About Me


I am Harvey Kwiyani, a Malawian lost somewhere in the Diaspora, and loving it. I teach theology, missiology, and leadership courses at several places in the US, Europe and Africa. However, my current base is at Liverpool Hope University where I am faculty, teaching African theology. I love teaching, I also love writing, but nothing can beat a good conversation (and this can be on anything from theology to politics). The things I think a lot about include mission in the West, the African missionary movement, ubuntu, and of late, I am fascinated by the early theologians from North Africa … yeah, people like Arius and Athanasius — not that everyone will recognise them. And I just picked up chess, intending to beat one of my colleagues one day — and he is a grandmaster!

This blog started out as a place to have conversations with my students but it has slowly become helpful resource to many around the world. If you have been blessed, or you have read something here that has caused you to think, feel free to drop me a line at info@missioafricanus.org or find me on Twitter at @harvmins.


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